Spike In ClubCoin Value An Exciting Sign For The Future?

clubcoin valueWe are seeing a huge spike in the value of the new cryptocurrency ClubCoin today, Monday 8th February.  Values are currently soaring and are now trading on the open market at about $0.50 per coin.  ClubCoin have been launched as part of a Founders Pack giveaway by BitClub Network when purchasing Bitcoin mining shares.  When i got my 7,104  i was unsure about what, if anything, these would become worth.  However, as you can see from the screenshot taken today, IF i wanted to sell them today i would be able to exchange them for over $4000.  A few days ago the value was hovering around half of this.  Bear in mind that Clubcoin was only launched back in December 2015 and this growth is very exciting and a significant amount of money is being traded in this new currency.  ClubCoin can still be acquired as you purchase into the Bitclub Network’s Bitcoin mining pools.

ClubCoin wallet Bitclub Network

Should i sell them now? Well, if i did then i would fully recoup my initial investment of $3500 for the Bitcoin mining shares and i would be in 100% profit from now on.  However, even though i expect these values to both soar and dip in the near future, i believe that this demonstrates  that ClubCoin value is something to monitor for the longterm.  Maybe if it reaches $1 per ClubCoin i may be tempted to sell half of what i have and then hold onto the rest for the long term.