Six Month Update on BitClub Network

This is an overdue post, but an important one as this is my six month update on BitClub Network and how things have gone.  The short answer is that they have gone brilliantly, and so far i have seen approximately a 37% return after these six months.  The most important thing to remember here is that to achieve this has required ZERO time from me.  Once i purchased the bitcoin mining shares i have done nothing, and this continues to demonstrate awesome Passive Income potential.

Brexit and BitClub Network

The embedded video will talk you through the site and demonstrate all the elements within the site.  Since recording this video i have recently changed the repurchasing settings for the first time.  Up to this point i have set these on 100% repurchase. As i have mined bitcoin this automatically purchased new partial shares, which causes a compounding purchasing effect.  However, in the last few weeks there has been a surge in Bitcoin value reaching a recent high of over $700 per Bitcoin.  As a result i have altered the settings on all my mining pools to their minimum level of repurchase. Why? Well, now is the time to start accruing bitcoin in our wallets.  I believe that this is even more the case following the recent Brexit announcement.  We have seen a far greater level of turbulence in financial markets since the UK’s Brexit referendum. People around the world have been taking refuge in Gold and Silver.  I think that many may well spread some of their risk into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.

BitClub Network bitcoin mining
My view on BitClub Network remains the same, and that is that this is a very exciting opportunity.  I also continue to say that any investment into BitClub Network should be made as a speculative move, rather than a secure investment.  However, as such the potential returned and growth could prove to be very exciting.