Passive Can Go Too Far!…. but I am BACK!

the Passive income wizz is back in action

Wowsers…… where did all that time go? It was never my intention to stop posting just as things were getting going, but i have to be honest and say that a combination of my main “Bricks and mortar” business and time needed to spend with my family have been my most pressing needs over the last couple of years. However, the Passive Income Wizz is back in action!

I have been constantly doing my own things behind the scenes…. lots of trials on new methods and areas of investment and passive methods. as always some are very successful, some do OK, others less OK and others can be a total waste of time. It is true that the longer you go on with this adventure then the more you learn and the more successful you become.

Look out for a number of updates and fresh content coming up on the site, as i have lots to spring clean, and move forward with!

The Passive Income Wizz is back and i have updates coming soon on financial trading, investing in Gold, crypto and passive angel investment….. amongst other stuff!

Watch out for the updates!