Bitcoin – Would You Invest?

Bitcoin could be one of the most exciting investment opportunities coming our way in 2016, but many people still have not heard of this fast growing cryptocurrency.  Think how fast the use of the internet and other technology has grown in the last ten years.  Activities such as internet banking, shopping on Amazon and social media have all grown exponentially.  Well, Bitcoin has also grown exponentially since it’s initial launch back in 2008.

If you had purchased $500 worth of Bitcoins around the end of 2011, you would have made a profit of $23,500 by the end of 2015. That would be 1,175% return per annum. Amazing stuff!  However, if you had sold your Bitcoins during the highly volatile period of 2013/14 you would have
made over $120,000 from your $500 investment! A return of 8,000% a year.

Bitclub Network bitcoin income


Above you can see a screenshot from my Bitclub Network account.  The three areas of interest are the Wallet, ClubCoin and Mining Earnings.  The wallet is money sitting there that i can withdraw at any time.  When first started this account 2 months ago i was sending some of my mining earnings into this wallet.  The ClubCoin is BitClub Networks own, quite new, cryptocurrency.  I received all of these as part of the Founders bonus pack that they were offering at the time.  The ClubCoin are now being traded on the open market, and while that market is still quite volatile, but the figure of $2146.41 is their value on the open market today! Now, bearing in mind that i invested $3500 into this i could get over half of that back right now.  However, i am going to hang on to them and see what happens to their value over time. After all, it was just a FREE Bonus!  The final column represents my mining income to this point.  At today’s price of $380 per Bitcoin this represents approximately 10% of my initial investment after just two months.  All looking good so far!