Have you ever wondered how the private equity tycoons do it ? Would you like the chance of being involved in the next big business ?

Find out and engage by joining The Angel Business Club today!

The Angel Business Club is a member’s private equity community, focussed on curating, investing in and developing businesses with outstanding potential on behalf of its members.  

Join the Club today and benefit from:

  • Free shares in our exciting portfolio of companies
  • A full-service investment management program
  • A financial eco system including business updates, news, webinars, Q&A sessions and much more
  • A peer to peer secondary market
  • A Business and Finance education program in the Angel Academy
  • Insights from business leaders
  • Exclusive events where you can meet the CEOs of our businesses
  • Discounts on products and services offered by our investee companies

I have been investing in ABC for over 24 Months now. We have seen 159.9% increase in value in the last 18 months alone. See the video below, from ABC, about this and to see some back office screenshots etc.

What does The Angel Business Club do?

The aim of the Club is to deliver 20% + annual growth in value in the Clubs portfolio of investments with regular financial exits.

The Club invests in a broad variety of companies at different stages from seed through to pre IPO.

The profit derived from the Clubs membership fees is invested in businesses and distributed free of charge to its members based on the membership levels.

Background on the Angel Business Club

Believing the retail investment community to be largely disenfranchised by the established investment institutions and private equity houses, ABC has taken the concept of a Peoples Private Equity community to the next level by establishing arguably Europe’s largest “Community” of Business Angels.

The differentiation is not semantic; ABC believes the absence of investment management and interaction, both between fellow shareholders and their investee companies, are major weaknesses of conventional retail investment options such as crowdfunding.

Having now attracted 13,000+ members, ABC is not only Introducing them to Investment opportunities they would otherwise likely never see, they are provided with a sophisticated financial eco system that not only curates, de-risks and manages their investments but also provides financial education, custodial and nominee support, peer to peer liquidity and significant inter investee company management and member communication.

The ABC approach is to develop, where possible or appropriate, every investment it makes in conjunction with its community. A thorough selection process, an extremely activist investment management regime and clearly defined exit strategies have assisted in the de-risking of our member investments and the delivery of positive returns in a rewarding community driven environment.

In 3 years, the Club has invested in more than 12 companies of which three have successfully listed on European public stock exchanges. We further aim to deliver 2 IPOs per annum

The Angel Group has created a unique and growing Investment Community in an equally unique structure, supported by a proprietary software platform (the Eco system).

The Club structure facilitates any individual anywhere in the world to participate in equity investments as a non-refundable membership fee. Each month all paying members receive free shares (priced at fair value) in approved companies equivalent to their membership level minus a €10 administration fee.

Given the predictable and consistent member fee cash flow, and the Club’s willingness to provide growth capital or pre-IPO funding, the Club is brought significant and often pre-qualified investment opportunities by leading brokers and advisers.  This active and important role assists the Club to deliver the member arrangements above by investing as principal and securing a discount to fair value which in addition covers the Clubs overhead.

Payment methods are monthly, as can been seen on the image below. There is a range of investment and this you can easily change on a month by month basis should you wish to.

The Club’s commitment

The Angel Business Club always seek to provide the highest quality services and interaction with and for their Members. The commitment is to provide Members with:

  • Possible opportunities for their personal investment, outside of their subscription and in a fully regulated environment through Angel Corporate Finance, capable of delivering positive returns within a 3-year period.
  • Transparency – this includes detailed information on possible opportunities. We provide regular company updates and webinars.
  • Service – provide our Members with timely and informative customer support.
  • Network driven success – we constantly look to and encourage our Members to exchange their knowledge on growing companies.

We will keep updating this information and are also about to share about the exciting new Ridercam IPO thats is