Horse Race Predictor Update

It is about time for a Horse Racing Predictor Update, especially now that horse racing is back up and running in the UK & Ireland. I use Horse Racing Predictor (HRP) totally passively, via their fantastic automation bot. This is easy to set up and i will show you some fantastic results below.

Check out the video above where i show you how the automated bot has done since the resumption of horse racing in the UK & Ireland. We also follow a race that had selections in whilst i was making the video. Guess what? One bet one, one didn’t… although i though it had!

Horse Race Predictor Update – USA, Australia and more!

Since the resumption of UK & Irish racing i have been running only 4 systems on the bot.  One of these is still running on Australian racing, and three on the UK & Irish.  I had built up a bank using “Place Acca Gold AUS”.  Amazingly the HRP team had no systems running for anywhere other than UK & Ireland prior to the COVID related lockdown.

Sine the lockdown began the i am not sure how the team have had time to sleep. They have developed the automation and systems and now have racing set up around the clock! New sites have been created for USA racing, and another for Australia, Hong Kong and South African racing. And there have been winners everywhere!

Horse Race Predictor Automation

horse race predictor updateGetting back to the systems that i have been using for this Horse Race Predictor update. As i have said I had built up a bank using “Place Acca Gold AUS”.  Despite a couple of large drawdowns this had racked up the results over lockdown for me. As such i withdrew £600 to provide banks for the the UK systems and i left £1100 to run on this system as it had proven itself to me.

So, as the video shows i started 3 systems on 8/6/20.

Dutch Platinum stands this morning at £335.53. This is a 67.76% increase in 6 days.

Place Acca Gold (PAG) stands at £221.79.  This is a 10.9% increase in 6 days.

Place Acca Gold Live stands at £232,77. This is a 16.39% increase in 6 days.

And… the PAG Australia stands at £1256.54. This is a 14.23% increase in 6 days.

All brilliant! Also i wish after a week like this that my banks were larger, as the percentage increase would, of course, have been the same!

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