Horse Race Predictor Review

This is simply a fabulous service! In this Horse Race Predictor review I would like you to understand that this is NOT a regular horse race tipping service. Having trialled many horse racing ‘systems’ in the past (mostly paper trading before investing) I know that the vast majority are worthless and prove that they simply do not work very quickly.

Is HRP a Simple Tipping Service?

Horse Race Predictor (HRP) is quite the opposite. The two men running HRP, Gav & Dave, must work crazy long hours as they are constantly developing the systems. Also, probably more by accident than by design the recent coronavirus lockdown has forced them to broaden their horizons. Having specialised in UK & Irish racing for many years we have seen those countries racing programmes shut down. No racing, no opportunities? Not for HRP who have now built and opened HRP variants for both racing in the USA, Australia and South Africa!

Don’t know anything about racing in those countries, or in fact about horse racing anywhere? No problem as the majority of HRP systems can now be 100% automated with the use of their own automation bot. I certainly do not want to be monitoring Aussie races going off at 2:30am!

On first joining HRP it may be a little easy to be overwhelmed with the shear choice of systems and information. However, the good news is that the support you receive is first class, and you quickly learn your way around the platforms. Many times you win on the first race of the day. As I now run more than one copy of the automation software I can run the same system with different risk levels set and monitor how they perform with small bank initially, truly brilliant!

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Current Horse Race Predictor Review Results

To give you an idea of my recent performances over the last 30 days:

The Squire:      +62.5%

Mighty Tosh:   +29.2%

Daily Tripler:   +45.6%

Dutch Max:     +29.9%

Place Acca Gold USA:  +14.1%

Place Acca Gold USA Live: +8.1%

Dutch Platinum: +29.1%

Goldmine:       +26.8%

You Can Join Horse Race Predictor Here

horse race predictor betting bot the bet machine automiserI could go on, but NONE of my HRP methods that I use, with my settings, have made a loss over the last 30 days. Levels of growth like this ensure that even small starting banks can start to grow exponentially if you persist and are consistant. As I have said most of these systems can be automated so that removes the consistency issue, especially when reality returns and everyone returns to their normal work life balance.

I can wholeheartedly approve HRP and follow up this Horse Race Predictor Review with further reports over the following weeks and months.

Horse Race Predictor

£77 per month

Risk:Reward Ratio


Initial Outlay Required


How Hand Off is This


How Much Time to Set Up


How Long Before I See ROI



  • Great Profitability
  • Fantastic support available
  • Amazing automation software
  • Constantly releasing new updates and systems
  • Can be 100% hands off!


  • This is sports trading, so maybe not for all?
  • Site can be slightly confusing at first glance
  • Takes time to find the setting that work best for you
  • Automation best run on a VPS
  • Struggling to find a 5th Con... it's a great product!