A success, or growth mindset means developing a sharp, laser targeted focus on what you really want to achieve, why you want to achieve it, and by when. You must make your goals clear and compelling, and that’s not just ordinarily clear, but crystal clear, because where focus goes, energy flows.

Without the constant repetition of a crystal clear, defined target, your unconscious mind won’t form the behaviour and belief that you can achieve exactly what you want to achieve – and this won’t get etched into your conscious attempts at measuring performance.

tony robbins growth mindset

Tony Robbins

The world renowned personal development coach Tony Robbins pointed out that the reason for most people’s failure isn’t from a lack of resources, whether it be money, time, energy, other people.  Most people’s failure results from a lack of resourcefulness and inability to develop an expanding growth mindset.

Successful people get the resources when no-one else can. So to be successful, you need to go out and hunt down the best strategies, the best mentors, the best tools, and the best coaching in order to achieve the best results.

Everyone needs to find someone who has demonstrated that they have the answer to your problem and can tick all of the above qualities. It’s always sensible to copy a successful person, by copying what they do (without question), and doing what they do on a daily basis.

We recommend that you work out what your primary driving force to succeed is, and what’s important for you today.  In other words, what is your big “Why?”