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So excited to tell you about Affiliate Triad! This program is unique and brought to you by the genius’ at Rapid Crush, that is Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos. More about these guys later…. and introduction first.

Amongst all the very many ways to make money online, i believe that affiliate marketing is the most straight forward, and cheapest, way to get started.

Have you ever wondered how you could get paid money from selling other peoples products? Did you even realise that this was possible? Or maybe you had thought of this as an online business but had become overwhelmed by the thought of all the technology required to make this work?

The truth is that to up to now you had to be very skilled at affiliate marketing to be successful at it.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Essentially affiliate marketing is the process of marketing someone else’s product, and receiving a commission if you sell that product. This is usually done by placing a link, or advert, on either website or inside an email and driving traffic to that advert. There are two sources of traffic, either paid or organic. Paid traffic will be from sources such as you, the affiliate, paying for traffic from the big social media platforms to an advert that you have placed.  Organic traffic may come from people chancing across your link because you have written a blog, made a video, or an unpaid social media post.

If someone clicks on your link that sale is tracked to a unique code you have and you would receive the commission for that sale if it went through. The best of these are subscription based models that can keep on paying you month after month.

So, the process is:

  • Sign up for an affiliate program
  • Promote and advertise the link to the right audience
  • Track your statistics through your affiliate back office
  • Receive commissions from whomever purchases
  • Watch the money roll into your bank account – the best bit!

Are you with me…… or are you lost now?

If you feel a bit lost, HANG ON! This is the beauty behind Affiliate Triad. ALL of this technical side of this process is taken care of for you.

Could This Be The Best Way to Make Money Online in 2020?

If you look around there are a shed load of affiliate marketing courses to choose from.

However, if you have a choice wouldn’t you want to learn from someone who is, without question, one of the most successful guys of all time at online marketing and sales? This guy has won all sorts of affiliate competitions and is known as the “$100 Million Man”.

I first came into contact with him years ago when it was through him directly that i invested in ASM  (Amazing Selling Machine for Amazon). I was entranced by his process, by his use of language and how utterly slick, and compelling, his offer was. Rapid Crush won the affiliate competition every time it was run, totally amazing. Their best promotion of ASM netted them $9,894,000 in commission! Yes, you did read that correctly!

Affiliate Triad effect best marketing

What is Special About Affiliate Triad?

Affiliate Triad looks to be unique. This is a done for you program. Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos, the guys behind Rapid Crush, will choose a product every month, and will then provide Affiliate Triad members with everything they need to promote that program successfully.

This includes email content, pre-built funnels, webinars and the always awesome Rapid Crush bonuses to help promote the sales.

  • Awesome Products – Rapid Crush have a VERY strong history of choosing winners. They have assessed so many products over the years that they know a winner when they see one! Also, the creators of these products know Rapid Crush and often offer exclusive deals to them as they know it is a win-win if Jason Fladlien is in their corner!
  • Access to Jason Fladlien – Have you wanted to succeed with making money online? Wanted to succeed with affiliate marketing? If so then why wouldn’t you want Jason Fladlien in your corner? He is the $100 Million Man and the top dog in that industry. You get access to him, and the Rapid Crush team, within a private Slack group. This is the only way that someone like you or i can get access to him, and that is priceless and unique.
  • The Amazing Rapid Crush Bonuses – I don’t know how he does it but Jason has a unique skill of creating bonuses that are worth MORE than the great product you are happy to pay for. As i have already said ALL of these bonuses, the webinars, and any sales made are going to be done for you, by Jason Fladlien.

A Unique Proposition – Take Action BEFORE the Doors Close

Affiliate Triad is just launching now. There is an initial launch price, but demand is high and when the results flow in from the first few months then the price will rise to the levels that their other products fetch.

There are a limited number of places available.

Do you need to know how to be an affiliate marketer at the moment? No, you will be taught what to do.

Do you need to have a “list” of people at the moment? No, you will be shown how to grow this. If you do already have a list then you have a head start and this offer should be a “no brainer” of an offer.

If you are uncertain you can still take the leap of faith as there is a fantastic money back guarantee for 30 days. Rapid Crush want to see you make money, and are so certain of the offer that they want to see you achieve you a 4-fold return on your investment. That is quite a promise!

Why wouldn’t you not want to have a look inside for a month, learn from the best in the business and see if this is for you?

Join Affiliate Triad NOW while there are actually places available. See you there!

Hey…. you can watch Jason Fladlien in action here as he presents Affiliate Triad to you