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Elon Musk develop your growth mindset

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Develop Your Growth Mindset And Be More Like Elon Musk

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If you want to examine ambition, determination and a develop your growth mindset then look no further than Elon Musk.  The ultimate goals of Elon’s entrepreneurship revolves around his vision and drive to help change the world, and the future of all humanity. Those are vast goals but remember that he only has 24 hours in each day like you and me! His ultimate goals include reducing global warming through sustainable energy production and consumption and also he wants to reduce the chance of human extinction by colonising Mars! He is moving towards these vast aspirational targets with the development of his interlinked companies Solar City, Tesla Motors and SpaceX.
Check out this great infographic below from Daniel Priestley and the team from Key Person of Influence for their upcoming event.  Daniel is also presenting at the Blue Cow Summit in February that i am attending and i have seen him speak previously.  It is fantastic to open your eyes to what other people can achieve while many others whinge and moan that life is “too busy” or “I don’t have the opportunity that they have” etc etc. However, Elon Musk has grown multiple businesses since starting his first proper company in 1995 and continues to develop ideas that most people would consider “impossible”. At the Blue Cow Summit he would be considered to be a very Blue Cow, i.e. someone who thinks outside the box and pursues their dreams rather than listening to the 99% who say “Oh No…. everyone knows you can’t do that!”
If the majority of us achieved a fraction of the creativity and productivity of Elon then think how our own lives, and the lives of our families and communities would be changed.  To me this is what to develop your growth mindset is all about: freeing yourself from the shackles, setting inspirational goals, following a plan to action your thoughts and finally reaping the rewards so that you can fulfil your dreams and give back to the community around you.  So, how could you be more like Elon Musk? At Passive Income Wizz we aim to demonstrate how we can work smarted not harder and this is why we continue to focus on how to develop your growth mindset!

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Blue Cow Global

Why Attend The Blue Cow Summit?

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What is The Blue Cow Summit?
The Blue Cow Summit is the concept of Dr’s Jo & Steve Davison.  Having built, run and since sold an extremely successful chiropractic business in Essex, United Kingdom, they found they had a passion for educating other business owners on how to succeed.  To many people successful ‘business coaching’ tends to mean “How much money can i make?” However, Jo & Steve look at the much greater picture.  Any business who starts coaching with them does initially focus on the processes needed to ‘turn their ship round’, but very quickly the focus extends to other areas of the business owners life as a balanced perspective is needed, and many business owners are VERY bad at reflecting on their achievements along the way! Blue Cow Global has now been launched to support hard working business owners of all areas, and around the world.
The Blue Cow Summit is now in its third year and is focused on both business and personal development.  Are you interested in taking your business, or career, to the next level?  Do you feel that you are bumbling along in a rut but aspire to create your Dream Life?  Do you need some active wealth creation strategies to secure your financial future, or is your secret passion to finally write that book? Are you tied to your office, or would you like the freedom to work from anywhere in the world while automatically making money online as an Online Sales Pro?
Who is speaking at Blue Cow Summit 2016?
This year Jo & Steve Davison have assembled a world class line-up of dynamic speakers who cover a wide range of these topics and include Dr John Demartini, Dr Fab Mancini and ‘Key Person of Influence’ Daniel Priestley.  These are just three of the world class thought leaders, business experts, health gurus, fantastic financial and wealth achievers who are coming to share their success strategies so that those attending can take their life to the next level this year.  There are a few >>> Blue Cow TICKETS <<< still available and the event is on 19-20th February in London. I have attended both previous events and have found them inspirational, transformational and to be honest very emotional as they caused me to reflect and TAKE ACTION! Most people only dream of success, but high achievers are, in many cases, no different from you and i, EXCEPT they take MASSIVE ACTION!

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