Traffic Monsoon Update 1

Hi Team!

So, i started my Traffic Monsoon adventure 3 weeks ago and this is my first update of how things are going.  I will aim to update regularly with my growth reports, advice, and any reality checks!  Lots and lots to tell you all about this but first things first!  I was finally convinced to give this a go when a friend of mine (now my sponsor in TM) kept showing me how well she was doing.  When i got to see her ever increasing income figures i couldn’t argue with it and decided to give it a go!  Here is a screenshot from my account today:Passive Income wizz traffic monsoon

I started with a reasonable investment of $1250 and that represents 25 AdPacks.  As you can see i currently have 36 AdPacks as i have re-purchased as soon as i have over $50 in my account.  As long as you spend the 10 mins, or so, per day on the site then you will receive up to 10% “profit” from each AdPack.  You can see that up to now this is all done without any Active Referrals in place.  At any stage i could withdraw cash but this would clearly slow down the rate of growth.  I now know several people who are happy with the level of their ongoing AdPack number and withdraw 8-9% of their weekly income from Traffic Monsoon direct to their accounts and maintain their income generation.  I still have quite a long way to go to get there!
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