PIE Profitable Investment EducationWhat is PIE and who is this for?  PIE stands for Profitable Investment Education, a financial education company run by the experienced Glynn Calvert and Paul Bent, two extremely knowledgable and enthusiastic educators.  The whole basis of this Passive Income Wizz website is clearly about exploring credible sources of Passive Income and learning how to “Work Smarter Not Harder”.  After all when we buy buy things with money, we are not actually buying things with money, but rather with the time it has taken us to earn that money! Having attended one of Glynn and Paul’s masterclasses i am extremely confident that this is one of the most exciting sources of true passive income that i have ever come across!


Whilst PIE is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme (Glynn rather calls it a Get Rich slow scheme) it is easily returning 20-28% per annum for only 10 minutes ‘work’ per month! WOW!! Just think about that for a moment or two because this is a system that can be used with large amounts of money safely, but with any quantity of money if you can return 25% year on year you are doubling your initial stake.  The compounding effect of this is phenomenal, if you can leave your bank untouched, and it will grow month on month.

So, What is the Profitable Investment Education Strategy?

Needless to say i cannot share with you the details of this system or Glynn and Paul will be extremely unhappy with me, especially after having signed an NDA at the start of the seminar! However:

  • This DOES NOT invest directly in shares as buying shares is gambling due to the value of these being completely out of your control.
  • This DOES NOT involve Forex. You may trade Forex which can be great but this is totally different.
  • This DOES NOT involve chart work, formulas, algorithms or prayer!
  • This DOES NOT involve gambling.

In addition this system DOES:

  • only take 10-15 minutes PER MONTH to make it work.
  • allow you to be more active to maximise profits.
  • work regardless of whether the market is going up, down or sideways.
  • allow you to control your your money as you are in control of your money at all times!

This really can be used to generate capital, or income or indeed both!  I know that Glynn and Paul are now using this as their ongoing pension provision, mostly to fund their never ending holidays and Golfing trips.

Glynn and Paul are always happy to chat on the phone with anyone who is interested in whether this system is right for them.  If you want to speak to them CLICK HERE TO SPEAK TO THE PROFITABLE INVESTMENT EDUCATION  TRAINERS. After filling the simple form you will be directed to a site and their Mobile Phone numbers are in the Contact Section at the bottom.

Also, if you click through there are  great number of testimonials, including video testimonials on the system from a good wide range of people.  The one day masterclasses are help periodically in London and Rotherham, whilst for those of you NOT in the UK there is a brilliant Home Study Course available.  This is very exciting as Glynn and Paul now have a growing number of people running this from all over the entire planet. You just need to have access to the internet, once per month, and access to a computer or smartphone!

The PIE course is £2,997.  I know that is no small amount but it is an amount that is very easily recoverable to people that this method is suitable for.  You would need an initial bank of several thousands to start with to make this worthwhile for you, BUT i cannot reiterate enough that this will return about 1.5-2.5% per month…. forever! A simply brilliant system.

Any other questions about this please let me know.  I will update with my personal results as we go.  So far i have been paper trading and and on course as expected so far which is fantastic!

Further Details about Profitable Investment Education is available.  CLICK HERE For Further Details!