FutureNet Club and Future Net Ad Pro

Future Net Club from Passive Income Wizz

FutureNet Club and Future Net Ad Pro are extremely exciting.  This social media platform has been around for over 3 years now and up to very recently has been growing fast, but only in Eastern Europe. Now it is spreading into Western Europe, North America and the Far East.  You will have heard of some of the other big advertising revenue sharing sites such as Traffic Monsoon (and indeed i am still investing with Traffic Monsoon) but FutureNet Club is much more exciting.

Utilising a social media platform the structure of the site feels very similar to Facebook.  Your profile has a timeline and you can post comments, pictures, videos etc just as you would on other social media platforms.  The changes occur though when you can be remunerated for sharing material throughout your network! WOW… just think about that for a moment!

If you are going to be really active you can invest in one or more of their matrices, which reward you for getting more people into FutureNet.  However, you do not need to recruit anyone to profit as you can invest via Future Net AdPro into Ad Packs and get unto a $60 return for the cost of a $50 ad pack….. simply for going to the site daily and observing 10 adverts from other members or advertisors.

I cannot tell you how exciting FutureNet Club and Future Net Ad Pro may be for you at this time as the membership of the site is blossoming very fast and getting now is the opportunity to enjoy massive growth at the right time.  Have a look at the site Future Net Club is 100% FREE to Join and you can have a feel for the site without investing a penny!!

You can also earn 30% commissions from direct sales as well as 3% to 5% commissions from level 10 to level 1 referrals by selling products of FutureNet. Yep, FutureNet has its own products which can help them to sustain for longer time.  FutureNet is unique because this site can generate actual income from the upgrade fees that members have to purchase to earn commissions from their different level of referrals as well as this site also can earn from their own products sales such as Landing Page System, Video Mail, Blog, Cloud, Website Templates, Momentum System, Games etc. which can make them sustainable.

Additionally there is actually a cap on buying more AdPacks in FutureAdPro which can limit high Ponzi scheme risk. As a free member, i could purchase only 100 AdPacks and if you upgrade, then depending upon the level of your upgrade, you can have maximum 1000 active AdPacks. This limitation will help the site to manage the real cash flow and make it much more sustainable than other Revenue Sharing Sites.  You must know the fact Revenue Sharing Sites only can pay you back when they can generate the real profit. If any site doesn’t manage to make enough profit from sales, then the revenue sharing will be also slow or even stops if profit start to be negative. However, since FutureNet is backed up with social media platform, it has a high chance to be sustainable. However, for that they must be able to make huge number of members (at least 30 to 40% amount of a popular social media site like Facebook).