What is a Blue Cow? Why Blue Cow?

Blue CowBlue Cow was a children’s TV show that used to be shown on CBeebies. It’s all about a blue cow who is different from all the other cows in her field. She dreams of how things are in the world beyond her field. She’s full of optimism, passion, energy and curiosity.  All the other cows in her field are brown cows are they share none of her attributes. When she tells them that she wants to be an astronaut, or win a Gold medal at the Olympics or be a great ballet dancer, they look up from chewing the grass and say: ‘Everyone knows cows can’t do that!’

In every episode, Blue Cow ignores the scepticism of the brown cows and goes to the edge of her field where she takes a bus to wherever she goes to her adventure.  She flies to the moon, wins gold medals at the Olympics, dances ballet and when she’s done, she rushes back to her field and tells the brown cows all about her adventures. She’s full of excitement and passion for what’s just happened, but they continue to chew the grass. They say: ‘She’s off again! Everyone knows cows can’t do that.’

The narrator always ends a Blue Cow episode with the words: ‘But we know they can!’

Does the metaphor resonate with you? We loved it as all of us can see instances of Blue cow and Brown cow behaviour around us all the time!  Think about your local environment.  What percentage of people are brown cows in everyday life? Probably more that 90%?

The Blue Cow Summit and Blue Cow Global

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, or someone who is interested in personal development and fulfillingBlue Cow Summit logo your potential in life? maybe you love to be inspired by stories from successful people, or feel frustrated that your life seems to be in a rut. If so this event is for you an in 2016 is in London on 19-20th February.

 Are you interested in:

Developing (or starting) a World-Class Business? Taking Your Career To the Next Level? Getting out of that Rut and Building a Dream Life and Career? Wealth Creation Strategies to secure your Financial Future? Building A Personal Brand so that You (and your message) do not remain a well kept secret? Writing a Book? Developing Your Communication Skills so that You can Speak Confidently one-to-one or in front of an Audience? Optimum health in your Body and Mind so you can Live a Full and Vital Life? Fulfilling Your Destiny and Living Blue Cow summit 2016 line upYour True Purpose? Hearing from Successful People who Have Achieved great things in Business, Lifestyle, Wealth, Sports, Writing and Publishing?  Or perhaps you just Love to Connect and Network with Like-Minded, Positive People? If so, go to the Blue Cow Summit and join the Blue Cow Global ‘Field’ and surround yourself with likeminded people.  So many things conspire against you achieving your dreams and full potential.  Surrounding yourself with other Blue Cows make all these aspirations seem that much easier to reach.

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Blue Cow Global has now been launched to deliver both business and personal growth around the world and is being laughed worldwide in 2016.