start mining bitcoinHere is a real time quote of the value of Bitcoin in US Dollars.  Bitcoin is being exchanged now on all major currency exchanges and it’s price can vary, as can any currency.  A few years ago 1 Bitcoin was only worth a few cents.  To date it’s highest price is over $1000 per Bitcoin! Whilst the future value is purely speculative there have been many experts suggesting that in the near future it could easily exceed $10,000!!
 In fact, if you had purchased $500 worth of Bitcoins at the end of 2011, you would have made a profit of $23,500 by the end of 2015. That’s a 1,175% return per annum.
However, if you had sold your Bitcoins during the highly volatile period of 2013/14 you would have made over $120,000 from your $500 investment! A return of 8,000% a year.  Are you interested in this cryptocurrency now?
Bitcoin is the future of currency and the value of Bitcoin looks to have an exciting future.