Anyone can join BitClub Network and begin earning a passive income by taking advantage of our expertise in Bitcoin mining and other Bitcoin related services.

Bitclub Network bitcoin mining facility

Bitclub Network bitcoin mining facility

BITCLUB NETWORK’s Mission: “To help YOU cash-in on Bitcoin as it becomes a mainstream global currency.”start mining bitcoin

BitClub Network is a community of people who have come together to support Bitcoin and other digital currencies (also called crypto currencies or virtual currencies). They are helping to educate, provide services for, secure, protect, and ultimately profit from this emerging crypto-currency. They have also recently launched their own new crypto-currency called Clubcoin. This is already being traded on the open market and is growing very successfully.

The growth of Bitclub Network has been crowd funded. This brings a unique opportunity in the Bitcoin industry. By using their expertise they have developed a fast growing mining operation that uses an affiliate payment structure to leverage the earnings of their members.

The concept is very simple! Shareholders (it could be YOU) purchase mining equipment (computers sourced by Bitclub Network) that is used to mine Bitcoin and they then pay you daily on your share of all Bitcoin being mined. When you share this opportunity with other members and they make a purchase you will also get paid recurring commissions on all Bitcoin mined from their purchases.

The more you share, the more you will earn!

As our membership grows large we can all be a huge piece of this industry and provide the one thing Bitcoin needs the most… MORE USERS! Having more users will cement the importance of Bitcoin around the world. Already there has a been a boom in it’s use in surprising corners of the world including Africa. As mobile phone technology develops people can transfer Bitcoin without incurring expensive banking costs. In certain parts of the world banking is less secure than we enjoy in Europe and the USA!

The BitClub Network Mining Pool… They currently operate two mining locations with the fastest growing facility located in Reykjavik in Iceland. This facility is open to the public who meet certain qualifications visit.

The mining pool purchases all the mining equipment which allows BitClub to retain full ownership and easily sell the hardware in the secondary market when it is due to be replaced. These are regularly swapped for newer and more efficient machines.

Every BitClub Network member helps contribute to the operations of the mining pool by contributing a mimimum amount of their mined shares of Bitcoin to pay for it. This repurchase strategy is what allows us to continually expand and purchase more mining hardware.